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Shenzhen Keep Better Tech Electronics Co.LTD

Shenzhen Keep Better Tech Electronics Co .,Ltd was founded in 2009,located  in Boan District, Shenzhen.

KBT is a professional high-tech enterprise engaging in the research,design,manufacture,sales and service of rechargeable Lithium battery .KBT services have a wide coverage including Lithium polymer battery 、Lithium cylindrical battery 、High voltage lithium battery 、High temperature lithium battery、Low temperature lithium battery、High energy-density Lithium battery etc. We can also design all kinds of batteries to meet customer's requirements .KBT Lithium batteries are widely used in Driving Recorder、Law enforcement recorder 、Digital voice recorder、POS machine 、Bluetooth、VR、Digital products、UAV、Model airplane、Sweeping machine、Electrical tools、Toys、Sports DV、MP3、PDA、Medical equipment、LED lighting and various electronic devices.

KBT set up a complete quality management system according to ISO9001 .KBT lithium battery have passed regularly test, such as UL、IEC62133、KC、CE、CQC、REACH、UN38.3、MSDS、ROHS and so on .KBT lithium batteries have been exported to Europe USA、Germany、Japan、South Korea and other countries in the world . We provide OEM or ODM service to many international brands.

Our research engineers continue to make new advancements and KBT is committed to become the worlds leader for clean renewable energy solutions.

This is the KBT promise core values :

Pursue Excellence  

Attention the detail,provide the best products to clients.

Quality First

Offer the products and services meet or exceed the customers expectations.

Create Value

Added value to customers and contribution to the industry&staff


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