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2018 08-13

New progress has been made in the study of all solid-state batteries in Japan.

According to IFENG recently news, All-solid Lithium battery research have a new progress. All-solid lithium battery is a new kind of electricity which uses solid electrode and solid electrolyte Pool. The battery has high density, high safety, high out

2018 08-13

New progress has been made in the research of Lithium battery in Dalian chemical ...

Reference to Chinese Energy storage Website, Dr.Wu and his team at Dalian Branch of Chinese Science Institute;Finding two dimensional materials and energy devices, have developed a planar integrated all-solid lithium-ion micro battery with multiple di

2017 09-22

New Long Lasting, Energy Density Battery

City College Senior Research Associate Gautam G. Yadav and his team applied a new twist to the old chemistry behind batteries. The result is a battery that takes advantage of intercalation and complexation chemistry to make the cathodes rechargeable t

2017 09-22

Lithium prices tipped to rise 20 per cent by 2017 on demand for electric cars

Prices for lithium are forecast to rise strongly in the next two years, with widespread adoption of electric cars tipped to be a game changer for the third element on the periodic table.

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